Custom mini cruise

Costiera Amalfitana – Ponza – Chiaia di Luna – Cala Feola – La spiaggia di Frontone – La Spiaggia del Cuore – Ventotene – Porto Romano – Cala Nave – Cala Battaglia – Punta Pascone – Secca dell’Architetto – Parata della Postina – Palmarola – Grotta del Mezzogiorno – Cala Brigantina – Cala Tramontana

Discovering the blue sea, coves and beaches of the Pontine islands: Ponza, Ventotene and Palmarola.

We will depart from the Amalfi Coast, directly from the pier of your hotel, we will sail towards the island of Ponza the largest island in the archipelago of the Pontine islands, we will visit to the most beautiful coves such as Chiaia de luna, Cala Feola with its natural pools, Cala dei Francesi, the beach of heart, Frontone and much more . We will disembark on the island where I will recommend a fantastic restaurant to taste local delicacies, you can stay overnight on the island or on board. The day after we will leave for the island of Ventotene, a wild and unspoiled island, with its marine park and the Roman port. You will visit the island through a very naturalistic route, to admire the beauties of the island and historical-artistic, to admire Roman ingenious architecture, such as the fish ponds, the cisterns with numerous frescoes and the remains of Villa Giulia. Back on board I will take you to one of its famous bays such as Cala Battaglia or Punta Pascone the place where is Secca dell’Architetto or Parata della Postina where you can snorkel and admire semi- submerged tuff arches, posidonia, schools of tuna, and sometimes even dolphins. Instead of Ventotene island you can choose to visit Palmarola: the westernmost island of the Pontine archipelago, wild, enchanted, suspended on mirrors of emerald water. Totally uninhabited, it has no villages or roads but only coves and inlets. Different shades of the sea, from the intense blue of the Grotta di Mezzogiorno to the aquamarine of Cala Brigantina, the volcanic island shows itself through the rock formations of the flying buttresses of the cathedral near Cala Tramontana.

After this tour to discover the colors of the sea, wild nature and countless hidden bays we will leave for the Amalfi Coast in total relaxation accompanied by the sea breeze.